Computers are complex, temperamental creatures, and all too often things go bump in the night. Problems can range from simple error messages, to loss of Internet connection, to disastrous hardware failures. The Techno Wizard will quickly search, analyze and solve your PC, Mac, printer or network dilemma at your location, and get your machine back on track to perform, produce and communicate trouble-free.

Viruses can cripple your PC or even take control of your machine; spyware can covertly gather your personal data, and send it to awaiting cyber-criminals; spam can overwhelm your e-mail inbox with irritating, unwanted advertisments. The Techno Wizard can remove these threats and implement powerful safeguards to protect your computer, and keep your confidential data away from prying eyes.

Computers can become "slow" over the years just from everyday use. The Techno Wizard can examine your computer's general health, and conduct maintenance tune-ups that will increase its processing speed, optimize your Internet connection, and extend your machine's operating life. We can make the most of your computer investment by getting the maximum performance from your PC or Mac.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact The Techno Wizard and we'll provide the solutions you're looking for.

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